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  • Email: btib@cookislands.gov.ck

Te Makete - (The Market) 

Go Local, Support Local, Buy Local 

Provide support to small local businesses to help them promote and grow their business. 

Te Makete (The Market) is an online platform to promote and connect small businesses to potential consumers. This is a great way to promote indigenous Cook Islanders who have started up their own business and are looking to further promote their products and services.

Want to join Te Makete to help promote your small business?

To help promote your business tell us about your business idea, an introduction to your products and how you found a solution or need in the market place. Let us introduce you to the wider community not only here in the Cook Islands but overseas as well. This is an opportunity to feature your products and services for potential consumers to come to you directly. Dont forget to like our Facebook page called Te Makete.

We can also help you get setup on Facebook, just another way to promote your business. All you do is contact btib@cookislands.gov.ck to register and we will help you get setup.